Meet Our Team

Mario Herrera

Director of Business Development

Mario Herrera is a passionate individual with an unwavering dedication to serving his community. With 23 years of commendable service as a Lieutenant with The El Paso Fire Department, Mario brings a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of the needs and challenges faced by the community. Throughout his career, he has displayed an exceptional ability to lead, problem-solve, and work effectively under pressure.


Mario’s academic background further strengthens his expertise in his new role. He holds a Master’s in Public Administration from the esteemed American Military University, demonstrating his commitment to acquiring knowledge and skills that will contribute to the betterment of his community. Additionally, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management from AMU, providing him with a unique perspective on crisis response and disaster preparedness.


Beyond his accomplished career in public service, Mario’s passion lies in helping his community battle issues related to mental health. Having witnessed the impact of mental health challenges firsthand during his tenure with the fire department, he understands the critical importance of accessible and effective mental health services. Mario’s desire to make a positive difference in this area led him to embark on a new journey at Rio Vista Behavioral Health Hospital.


In his role as Director of Business Development, Mario will utilize his exceptional leadership, strategic thinking, and unwavering passion to enhance and expand the hospital’s outreach and impact. He will work diligently to establish meaningful connections with community stakeholders, fostering partnerships that will facilitate enhanced access to top-notch mental health services for those in need.

With Mario Herrera at the helm of business development, Rio Vista Behavioral Health Hospital is poised to reach new heights in their mission to support and heal the community. Mario’s commitment to service, combined with his wealth of experience and academic achievements, make him an invaluable addition to the team. We have no doubt that his expertise will further enhance the hospital’s ability to positively impact the lives of individuals battling mental health issues.

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