Increased Precautions We're Taking in Response to COVID-19

LAST UPDATED ON 10/09/2020

As updates on the impact of the coronavirus continue to be released, we want to take a moment to inform you of the heightened preventative measures we have put in place at Rio Vista Behavioral Health Hospital to keep our patients, their families, and our employees safe. All efforts are guided by and in adherence to the recommendations distributed by the CDC.

Please note that for the safety of our patients, their families, and our staff, on-site visitation is no longer allowed at Rio Vista Behavioral Health Hospital.

  • This restriction has been implemented in compliance with updated corporate and state regulations to further reduce the risks associated with COVID-19.
  • Options for telehealth visitation are continuously evaluated so that our patients can remain connected to their loved ones.
  • Alternate methods of communication for other services may be offered when deemed clinically appropriate.

For specific information regarding these changes and limitations, please contact us directly.

CDC updates are consistently monitored to ensure that all guidance followed is based on the latest information released.

  • All staff has received infection prevention and control training.
  • Thorough disinfection and hygiene guidance has been provided.
  • Patient care supplies such as masks and hand sanitizer are being monitored and utilized.
  • Temperature and symptom screening protocols are in place for all patients and staff.
  • Social distancing strategies have been implemented to ensure that patients and staff maintain proper distance from one another at all times.
  • Cleaning service contracts have been reviewed for additional support.
  • Personal protective equipment items are routinely checked to ensure proper and secure storage.
  • CDC informational posters are on display to provide important reminders on proper infection prevention procedures.
  • We are in communication with our local health department to receive important community-specific updates.

The safety of our patients, their families, and our employees is our top priority, and we will remain steadfast in our efforts to reduce any risk associated with COVID-19.

The CDC has provided a list of easy tips that can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue and then immediately dispose of the tissue.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that are frequently touched.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Stay home when you are sick, except to get medical care.

For detailed information on COVID-19, please visit

Premier Mental Health Specialty Unit Treatment Program

Adults whose mental, behavioral, or psychiatric health challenges are accompanied by certain age-related or medical needs can receive expert care in the specialty unit at Rio Vista Behavioral Health in El Paso, Texas. Our specialty unit provides intensive, personalized services that promote stabilization and prepare patients to experience true and lasting healing.

Who We Serve

The specialty unit at Rio Vista Behavioral Health offers focused mental, behavioral, and psychiatric care to adults who need a variety of specialized services. Ideal candidates for the specialty unit at our location in El Paso, Texas, include geriatric patients and those who have certain medical needs.  

Geriatric patients – The specialty unit is an optimal healing environment for older adults who can benefit from mental, behavioral, or psychiatric healthcare that addresses age-related concerns or is provided in an age-appropriate manner. We do not have a strict age requirement for our geriatric programming. Acceptance of older adult patients into the specialty unit is based on level of need. 

Patients who have coexisting medical conditions – Our medical staff can provide a range of non-acute services to adults whose mental or behavioral health struggles are accompanied by certain medical needs. Depending upon the nature and severity of these needs, patients who have coexisting or co-occurring medical challenges may be best served within our specialty unit. 

Please note that the specialty unit is not able to admit patients whose struggles include dementia, autism, or eating disorders. We also cannot admit patients who need IV therapy, oxygen therapy, or support for indwelling catheters. 

As is the case with all programs and units at Rio Vista Behavioral Health, admissions decisions for the specialty unit are made on an individual basis following a thorough review of all pertinent information and an assessment of which type and level of care will best meet the patient’s needs.

How the Specialty Unit Helps

The general goal of care in the specialty unit is to help patients achieve the level of stabilization that will empower them to return home or transfer to a less intensive program. Typical length of stay in the Rio Vista Behavioral Health specialty unit is five to seven days.  

Our focus on specialized service means that each person’s time in this unit will be unique. But all patients and family members will benefit from certain fundamental elements and features, such as the following: 

Personalized care – At our location in El Paso, Texas, there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” care. All decisions within the specialty unit at Rio Vista Behavioral Health are based upon what will best help each patient achieve their short- and long-term goals. Patients and family members are viewed and valued as unique individuals who are worthy of focused, person-centered solutions.   

Information and support – Unfortunately, mental, behavioral, and psychiatric health challenges can often be accompanied by confusion, shame, and even guilt. At the Rio Vista Behavioral Health specialty unit, we are committed to alleviating these negative emotions among our patients and their loved ones. When you choose our specialty unit for yourself or a loved one, we’ll take the time to answer all of your questions, explain each element of care, and otherwise provide the clarity and comprehensive support you deserve. Every step of the way, we will respect your contributions, honor your perspective, and work diligently to earn and retain your trust. 

Evidence-based services – Scientific advances and ongoing research efforts continue to open new avenues of care for geriatric patients and adults who have medical needs. The caregivers in our specialty unit are committed to identifying and incorporating the best evidence-based, research-supported services that can help our patients. When we create your personalized plan, we select techniques and methods that have a proven history of effectiveness, and we adhere to the highest professional standards as we customize these services to best meet your needs.

Elements of Care in the Specialty Unit

The following are among the features and services that are available to patients who receive care in the specialty unit at Rio Vista Behavioral Health in El Paso, Texas:  

Medical care – Our medical professionals can provide considerable assistance to patients in the specialty unit. Medical support may include minor wound care, monitoring of insulin and glucose levels for patients with diabetes, and medication management services. We do not provide medical equipment, but patients who use CPAP machines may bring these devices with them to the specialty unit.  

Medication management – Prescription medications can ease the symptoms of certain types of medical, behavioral, and psychiatric health conditions. If a patient can benefit from medication management services during their time in the specialty unit, these services will be incorporated into their personalized plan. Our medical staff can also administer and monitor medications that have been prescribed to patients to address chronic physical illnesses.  

Individual, groupand family sessions – Individual, group, and family sessions are supportive opportunities during which participants can process successes and setbacks, learn from others, form healthy interpersonal relationships, and develop skills that will support continued healing, all with the guidance of an experienced professional. Groups for patients in the specialty unit may address grief and loss, mindfulness, dealing with the effects of trauma, and a host of additional relevant topics. Specialty unit patients have the opportunity to take part in multiple groups every day, including weekends. Individual and family sessions may be scheduled as needed. 

Art and recreation sessions – Art and recreation sessions provide patients with dynamic opportunities to express their emotions or view their challenges from new perspectives. Patients who are healing in the Rio Vista Behavioral Health specialty unit may discover previously unrealized talents or interests through their participation in recreation or art sessions at our location in El Paso, Texas.  

Discharge planning – As patients prepare to transition out of our specialty unit, we provide detailed discharge planning services to guide the next steps in their recovery journey. Discharge planning may include referrals to step-down programming, connections with community-based organizations, and information about other resources to support continued healing. Though a person’s time in the specialty unit at our El Paso, Texas, location may be relatively brief, we make every effort to ensure that the beneficial effects of our services are conducive to long-term progress.

Meet Our Team

Depending upon the nature, scope, and severity of each person’s needs, care within the Rio Vista Behavioral Health specialty unit may be provided by the following professionals: 

  • Physicians 
  • Psychiatrists
  • Physician assistants (PAs) 
  • Nurse practitioners (NPs)  
  • Registered nurses (RNs) 
  • Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) 
  • Medical assistants 
  • Licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) 
  • Licensed professional counselors (LPCs) 
  • Recreation/activity therapists 
  • Behavioral health technicians 
  • Other professionals as needed 

To learn more about our multidisciplinary teams of caregivers, or for answers to any questions you may have about any aspect of the specialty unit at Rio Vista Behavioral Health in El Paso, Texas, contact us todayA member of our team is available to speak with you 24/7. We look forward to helping you determine if our specialty unit can provide the solutions you’ve been searching for.

Introducing Rio Vista Behavioral Health

Rio Vista Behavioral Health offers state-of-the-art inpatient psychiatric and detox services in the El Paso, Texas, area. Our commitment is to provide men, women, and children in our community with individualized treatment planning and ongoing recovery support.